Welcome to the South Sudanese Presbyterian Fellowship

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Mission of the Church


Thank you for visiting the South Sudanese Presbyterian Fellowship website. We are a devoted fellowship of South Sudanese people who praise and worship our savior, Jesus Christ.  We hope that you will find this website informative.  If you have questions about our community, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a well-established church for our families and our children and our children’s children in San Diego and to make San Diego their permanent home. We want our younger generation to raise their children here. We want our next generation and future generations to get involved building a church where God is worshiped by both Sudanese and non-Sudanese families. It is our desire to expand the word of God to all people interested in knowing God as their savior. This future starts with the preparation and involvement of our young people today.

Our Values

We value our heritage and recognize the need in our homeland, South Sudan. We want to give them spiritual support to help strengthen their stand with Jesus Christ our savior. We intend to help those soul-searching individuals to find the meaning they have been looking for in Christ.  We want to also give materialistic support because the people there are lacking the basic necessities of life.

Our Executive Leadership Team

  1. Pastor William Deng Tut 
  2. Elder John Lia Makuach, Asst. to the Pastor
  3. Dr. John Chuol Kuek, Secretary
  4. Lam Thot Muang, Treasurer

Sunday Worship Service

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