Mission Trip Fundraising Event

Mission Trip Fundraising Event

“The South Sudanese civil war created a multitude of crises, including violent clashes between ethnic groups, the collapse of civic infrastructures, political instability, famine and food insecurity, and many human rights violations. Seven million people continue to be in dire need of humanitarian aid and protection” (World Vision Updated August 4, 2020)

For years, the South Sudanese Fellowship has partnered with The Outreach Foundation to support the people of South Sudan. This year, Pastor William Tut, will travel with Dr. Frank Dimmock and two of his colleagues from the Outreach Foundation to the refugee camp in Gambella, Ethiopia and to South Sudan.

During the fundraising event, you will hear about the important ongoing work that your donations will support, and you will be asked to donate generously to this effort.

For more information about the Fundraiser or how you can donate, please contact Pastor William Tut at 619-610-5815 or Deputy Pastor, Elder John Mukuach at 619-381-4139.

Our Brief history of the Church in San Diego

History of South Sudanese journey dated back to 1955 when the first civil war broke out and took countless of lives and displaced thousands of people to refugee camps in neighboring countries around Sudan. 1n 1985, the United Nation started to relocate the displaced South Sudanese to East African countries, like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. In the early 1990s, the United Nation offered resettlement programs to those who were living in refugee camps in those countries. Many of them went to various countries around the world, like Australia, Canada, the European countries and the United States. About 5000 thousand of the South Sudanese people were resettled in San Diego Country.

In 1994, many of the Sudanese Christians grouped together and worship in Southeast San Diego as members of the Presbytery USA. In 1997, Faith Presbyterian Church hosted the Sudanese congregation. At this location, the Sudanese started to conduct their worship service in their native Neur language. In 2000, the Presbytery of San Diego voted to build a Church for the Sudanese in southeast San Diego. As a result of this meeting, the current property located at 5202 Orange Ave was purchased. A church building was built and dedicated to the South Sudanese in 2002. The result was that the South Sudanese people now have a place they can call home.

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