About us

About Us

Rev. Peter Ruach Lual, the founder of the Sudanese American Presbyterian Church in San Diego. Rev. Peter Lual was ordained in Sudan and traveled with his people in several countries in Africa before arriving in San Diego in the early 1990s. In San Diego he advocated for the Sudanese to have their own location that would allow them to serve God in their native language(s). Rev. Lual shepherded a congregation between 150-170 people who were attending church every Sunday. The Fellowship is currently led by Pastor William Deng Tut who led the group since 2011.

Pastor William Deng Tut

Pastor William Deng Tut has been the Pastor of the Fellowship since 2011. He began his ministry as a teaching Elder in 1979 in Africa. After he immigrated to the US, he completed his Seminary work via an online Program through Dubuque University in Iowa. He was ordained on March 10, 2011 and then assumed the role of Pastor of the Fellowship. Pastor Tut currently ministers to over 100 people in the South Sudanese Fellowship, and he conducts the church services in their native Neur language.

Our Brief history of the Church in San Diego

History of South Sudanese journey dated back to 1955 when the first civil war broke out and took countless of lives and displaced thousands of people to refugee camps in neighboring countries around Sudan. 1n 1985, the United Nation started to relocate the displaced South Sudanese to East African countries, like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. In the early 1990s, the United Nation offered resettlement programs to those who were living in refugee camps in those countries. Many of them went to various countries around the world, like Australia, Canada, the European countries and the United States. About 5000 thousand of the South Sudanese people were resettled in San Diego Country.

In 1994, many of the Sudanese Christians grouped together and worship in Southeast San Diego as members of the Presbytery USA. In 1997, Faith Presbyterian Church hosted the Sudanese congregation. At this location, the Sudanese started to conduct their worship service in their native Neur language. In 2000, the Presbytery of San Diego voted to build a Church for the Sudanese in southeast San Diego. As a result of this meeting, the current property located at 5202 Orange Ave was purchased. A church building was built and dedicated in 2002 to the South Sudanese for their use. The result was that the South Sudanese people now have a place they can call home.

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